dating sites cupid | What is the Equestrian Cupid Online Dating Site

While more than 95% of the online dating websites are bringing singles to meet their possible life partners on the Internet, Equestrian Cupid has successfully separated itself from the crowd by offering a complete different online dating service on the Internet. In this article, you are going to discover what Equestrian Cupid website is about, how it works for a specific group of singles and how you can actually earn money from this dating website. By the time you have finished reading this, you will have a completely new mindset about how amazing a dating website can work.

Since it is always necessary to introduce what a service does in the first place, this paragraph is dedicated to provide you an idea of what Equestrian Cupid does. In case you have not heard about it, it is one online dating website that brings horse riders, lovers and enthusiasts together, specifically for fellow singles. So if you are a horse lover and single, this is where you can find someone who shares the same interests with you. Like any other dating sites, you can upload your photo, show your profile details, interests, write blogs, participate in forums, send emails, initiate chats and invite friends. What is really special about this site is how it has amazingly brought horse lovers to share more than just common interests, but also their lives together. Many couples are already married because of the singles they met from this website.

Now that you know what this website is about and how does it actually work? First of all, you can sign up for the service for free and you will need to wait for approval from the administrators. Once you account has been approved, you will be a guest member and you can use the basic features like posting your lifetime ads, uploading 27 photos, searching for relevant profiles, replying to emails, initiating free winks, replying to online chat and commenting on profiles and forums. However, having a guest membership only means it takes longer than usual get your account reviewed and you will lose out many other useful features provided by Equestrian Cupid website. In order to experience full features of the entire dating website, you will need to upgrade your account to Gold membership. This is where you get to experience features like advanced search, initiating emails and chats, priority listings in search results, getting to know who viewed your profile, who is interested in you, view videos posted by other singles, becoming a featured member and many more. If you really want to, you can always try out the subscription for one month and if it is helping you, then you can subscribe for a longer period. The good news is that, you may even get up to 70% discount if you subscribe for a year.

The third interesting fact about Equestrian Cupid online dating website is an add on service and it may or may not interest you at all. It is the opportunity it provides to make money simply by promoting its website. You can sign up as an affiliate, set up your own private label right website and start to make money online. You just need to pay for your own domain name. When it comes to building and setting up the website, they are doing it entirely for you for free. So what you really need to do is to promote your website, lead them to the actual online dating site and start to make money. Currently, they are paying you $2-$4 for each profile signed up, $30 for each sale and 10% of sub-partners earning.

Now that you know what Equestrian Cupid dating site does for you. It is truly one special website for horse riders and lovers who have intentions to find their other halves on the Internet who share the same passion. This article has already been written so that you can decide for yourself whether or not this online dating service is suitable for you and make a wiser decision. 

dating sites cupid

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